Many men have sand in their crack regarding the battle of the sexes. Unfairness is scratchy.

Yes, it happens every day that women feast on all the dicks they can eat, and then only when they so deign, score an excellent mate to settle down with.

Men see that this is unfair, and so argue that it does not happen.

It happens.

What men are doing is warning women with threats that if they don’t play up to their beta provider sexual strategy, their life will go bad. But this warning is not true.

Women who are hot and hold onto their looks well and who are very socially cunning can get away with murder. They can, they do, they will.

But you might argue that women who marry after their peak in beauty and fertility has been spent on alpha cock must compromise on the quality of the mate they can now settle for.

Judge a woman by her actions, not her words. If women choose 5 minutes of alpha over settling for the highest caliber beta they could snag at the highest peak of their sexual marketability, then that is what they really, truly, fully, completely want.

Women aren’t making poor choices that ultimately make them unhappy when they choose alpha dick – they are doing exactly what want – and if they could live life over again would do it the same way.

If you are a beta provider man, and see a girl “throw away” her good years chasing alpha cock, you’ll counsel her, in your wisdom, that she is doing it wrong, and that true happiness resides in taking a long view, and living each day with the though of her golden years in mind.

If you are a man with above average charisma and fucking skills, you’ll counsel her to not throw away her life on a beta provider, but at least once in her life experience true love, passion, lust, and mind blowing sex.

Girls choose with their feet. The don’t prioritize their golden years. Why should men prioritize their golden years for them? We only do that when we are choosing the beta provider sexual strategy for ourselves.

We aren’t thinking of what’s good for them, when we counsel them to marry, or not marry. We are thinking of what’s good for our personal dicks.

One girl thanked me as I was dumping her for turning her negative experience with sex into a net positive

I’ve received this thanks many times.

Now I can imagine that some guys are not going to empathize. Either because they’ve never received that thanks, or because they don’t see that improving a sex life is all that useful.

But the women valued it. And isn’t it the women who are the arbiters of what’s important – to them?

Or are the arbiters the beta providers who value “society” and lifetime monogamy and the golden years?