most normal guys can take the hint when it’s delivered in a neutral way.

There was a time when I couldn’t take a hint. And I’ve known of other guys who’ve had similar periods. In order to get me to hear no, a person would have to say no.

Yes, it was clueless. I doubt I was the only clueless man. I’m hearing people here say that I was not – that men are often clueless.

I can say from experience, that at the time, I greatly preferred a real no to face saving double faced obfuscation. It was unkind to lead me on.

Now, women may simply not care about being kind to socially unaware men. Fine. But don’t go protecting your saintliness by proclaiming you are being kind to all concerned.

When women are sending “obvious” social signals, these signals are not, in fact, obvious.

Men don’t send these same signals. Men are direct.

Unless a man has had a great deal of romantic dealings with women, he has no way of interpreting these “obvious” signals.

It’s not just autistics and spergs who miss social cues. Men can’t possibly understand womens social signalling innately. We don’t talk, think, feel, or act socially in the same way as women do. We use entirely different rules and social signals.

A man who becomes adept at speaking with women is learning a new language.

That’s basically what is taught here on this blog. We discuss decades of decoding femme speak such that men don’t have to go through decades of bullshit to get laid.

It’s not an exclusively male reaction at all, I believe.

What is sex polarized is the natural desire to be either direct, or indirect.

Males enforce a strong social code of truth telling. Men who haven’t been romantic with large numbers of women have not had the opportunity to learn that women view truth in an entirely different way.

Truth is useful to women only when it is convenient. If the lie is more convenient, then she “had no choice”.