There is some basic architecture you can enforce. Examples of what I do with my girl:

1) I enforce a dress code. Her habit and inclination is to wear jeans. When she is with me, they are forbidden. It’s a pink see through neglige, or similar, when in the house, and only dresses and skirts when out.

2) Her habit is to hold my wrist. This is bad body language, as it’s dominant. I enforce her, again and again, to wrap her elbow around my forearm. She is not fond of this, and will in five or ten seconds drop that posture, so I just grab her arm and put it back. I’ve been doing this for a few months now.

Basic architecture will set a tone, and a mood, and this will change her personality and how she views you and how she relates to you.

My girl is unrecognizable in her actions and appearance compared to when I met her. I’m making a woman out of her.

Cooking and cleaning also don’t come naturally to her, but there too I’m enforcing an architecture. And that changes her and how she relates to me.

Update: Here is a picture stolen from theprivateman’s post that illustrates the posture. I prefer my forearm in a lower position, but this gives the basic idea.