It’s not a helpful mental map to lump all admirable masculine traits together into the category of alpha.

Far more useful to lump the socially condoned and socially useful traits into the category of beta.

Then see that there are two types of sexual attraction – one for the bad boy, the other for the upstanding family man/soldier.

Lumping both types of attraction together muddles the conversation more than it clarifies it.

Being a selfish manipulative prick may not be admirable, while being a devoted family man and heroic soldier may be ideal, but that doesn’t mean that the latter is alpha.

Here is my simple association: Socialist group oriented leanings = beta leanings. Selfish individualistic leanings = alpha leanings.

Working for group cause = underneath the king = beta.
Making your own rules and inspiring others to follow your will = alpha.

I group socialist leanings together with beta tendencies.

While it may be manly to fight for your tribe, it is also essentially beta.

Hero worship is an age appropriate developmental stage. Adults who worship heroes are both developmentally impaired, in that they have not internalized their ideals, plus are acting the role of the follower.

Sports is essentially a communist, or socialist, or tribal undertaking. We all have that tribal urge, but some of us more than others. Many men never understood the whole hockey or baseball card trading game. It just never clicked with us, even though we wanted to fit in and play that game, and so bought up lots of packs. We could never bring ourselves to actually give a shit.

I suspect the whole tribal urge, which is exemplified in sports, leans beta. It leans towards being subservient to the group will.

I’m not saying you can’t have alpha traits while you co-operate within a group, but that the will to co-operate, when it is greater than the will to achieve selfish aims, is beta. When you can no longer even know what your selfish aims are, and only see the will of the group, you are a follower.

Even though we have social hierarchies, how people adapt to their place in them has a lot to do with attitude. The will to fit in, the will to follow leaders, and the will to sacrifice for the group – all beta traits.