We live in a Matriarchal Country(America). Left wing of the Matriarchy=Feminism. Right Wing of the Matriarchy= Traditionalism.

Both Feminism and Traditionalism are Female Supremacist hate movements.

Both Feminism and Traditionalism rely as a prerequisite the dehumanization of males(boy’s, young men, men and older men).

Both Feminism and Traditionalism rely as a prerequisite the glorification of females(girl’s, young women, women and older women).

Don’t trust traditionalist’s! They are pathological liars like feminist’s. Sick sociopaths that want to force their role playing game on everyone. Ask these traditionalist’s where they where in the 90′s when the war on males was jacked to the extreme by traditionalist’s in Washington D.C?

Yes, you agree with me that matrons (women who are taken care of by a single man) and beta males ally together for the sake of “society”, which means all female centric concerns.

Males who advocate lifetime monogamy aren’t really thinking of the children. They aren’t really trying to keep society from going downhill due to single parent families. They are trying to secure supply of pussy.

It’s a simple game theory strategy. The social conservatives are communists. Not fiscal communists, but social communists. They want to impose social rules, such that each man gets one vagina, so that they don’t have to compete in the sexual marketplace.

All this talk of the greater good is really just the greater good of their collective individual penises.