Your website is pretty interesting, I really must say, and of course downright inspiring as for all the girls you’ve enjoyed out there. Good little puppy dogs all, I hope. That’s hot.

Sometime I ask that you give a timeline of where you’ve been, when, and what you were doing for money/fun/women, etc.

Not that you’re telling other people what to do, but rather just letting us understand your context a little better. I’d sure be into it, that’s for sure.

I’m nervous to reveal personal history, as I’m more comfortable in my carefully cultivated habits of paranoia and anonymity.

However in private I occasionally orally reveal little historical narratives, and there is a lot of material to draw on. I’ve lived episodes ranging from living in a Buddhist monastery to being married. From being single in an endless Sahara devoid of pussy moisture, to having a steady rotation of from two to four romantic girlfriends. From being routinely too poor to afford a haircut, and so would cut my own, to earning in a good day what a local might earn in six months. I have stories of having Olympic class sexual stamina, where I would fuck for four hours per day, except for two or three days a week where I would stay in bed with my girl and do nothing but fuck, eat, sleep and shit, and I have stories of becoming nearly impotent from very serious chronic health issues.

I’ve been played by girls, and I’ve played girls. I’ve been heartbroken, and I’ve broken hearts.

I’ve lost count how many years I’ve been here in SE Asia. Ten or twelve, I guess. In that time I’ve lived with short term serial monogamy, non momogamy, longer term monogamy (a year or two per girl), short term serial monagamy, longer term monagamy again a few times, non monogamy again, and now again back to longer term monagamy. I don’t regularly pick up girls, and usually go for intimacy. Even when dating around, I try to get some genuine love and bonding going on. Usually the attempt is at least somewhat successful. So my lifetime number of sex partners isn’t huge. I’ll go some years with only one new girl added. I started actual fucking late in life – not even losing my virginity as a teenager, and now in my mid forties I don’t even have three girls per year for my entire sexual career. Of course some years I may have added a new lover every six weeks. Point is, I’m not keeping score in terms of quantity – I’m keeping score in terms of life satisfaction. And on that scale, I’ve done relatively well for myself, and can die without regret for what is left undone. It’s been a rich, good, fulfilling life, and I’ve lived it on my own terms.