the majority of men eventually find the endless pursuit of pussy and the constant evasion of fatherhood to be hollow.

I’ve always thought this accusation of bachelorhood being a hollow life to be stupidly blinkered, ignorant, pedantic, and arrogant.

As if you can’t find god and beauty and love in the eyes of a one night stand.

It’s offensive the level of arrogance breeders spew.

Unless the love is coming from a child, or your wife, its hollow!

Hollow hollow hollow!

Lifetime monogamy with children is deeeeeeeeeper! More meaningful! More real!

Not like that hollow feeling you get staring into the eyes of a lover you haven’t been fucking for 25 years.

No, more deep that that!

She’ll even wipe my ass when I’m old! That’s so deep, and meaningful!

Fuck that deep meaningful noise, thank you very much. I can find my deep meaning in the here and now, and with complete perfect strangers. And with new lovers. And with lovers I’ve been with a moderate amount of time.

Your meaning is meaningless.

I’m not going to purchase your love insurance policy, you marriage sales girls.

I have full confidence in my current love solvency plan.

It may be rare for old men to date younger girls, but I’m a rare guy. This is what I do, and I’m good at it.

I’m mid forties and date early twenties girls. The last girl I broke with was 19 when she met me.

I fall in love easily and acquire love easily.

That may be difficult to swallow – I know it’s in womens interest to deny that reality. Some men can happily trade up to younger mates over and over until they die happily in the arms of their latest devoted young lover.

I have to believe that lifetime monogamy guys are simply not good at forging alliances.

I can have a girl eating out of my hand and following orders and being a devoted love slave to a degree 100 or 1000 times that a old guy with a lifetime partner can.

A man can be a woman-whisperer, and have incredible facility at engendering respect and trust and obedience.

It doesn’t take 50 years of marriage.

It’s my experience, year after year with scores of girls, that getting a young hottie to fall in love with me is easy and common. And that’s whether I’m too broke to afford a haircut, or whether I’m wealthy enough to earn in a day what a local makes in a half a year. Whether the girl has sat on a hundred cocks or zero.

What is and is not real love is not worth differentiating.

Just a chemical, or a lifelong habit, whatever. If you feel something similar to love in a one night stand, call it love, and be happy for it.

Better to falsely label fleeting moments as love, than accurately label whatever is pleasurable and meaningless as pleasurable and meaningless.

Last night my voice was full of loud emotions as I fucked my little girl. It felt like love, and that’s all that matters. All that really matters.

The end.

Update: For those who didn’t get the joke – I’ll spell it out. Do you really want to know if your feelings of love are real and meaningful? It’s meaningful because you choose to let it be meaningful to you. It can be meaningless if married with children, and it can be meaningful if single and infatuated. The meaning is a subjective choice.