In our mental maps of socio-sexuality, rare is the person who does not view other people as duplicates of their own attitudes and agendas. Not only do people have varying attitudes, strengths, and life strategies, but libido also varies widely.

Some women get exhausted after one brief orgasm, and can barely get aroused after that. They have a long refractory period. Others can come within 30 seconds of entry and keep coming regularly for about as long as you can fuck em.

Women, as well as men, have widely varying libidos, and sexual responses.

A lot of guys prefer to date a sweetheart low risk for infidelity girl for long term romance, but if you are a high libido man, pairing with a low infidelity risk girl might not be a good sexual match for you. Some guys barely have a refractory period, and are basically constantly aroused. You can imagine that a satisfactory sexual match is not going to be naturally tame.

Some men value the strengths that tend to go along with the personality of a high fidelity woman for deep personal intimate bonding. Some men in full knowledge of risks and benefits, opt for the strengths that tend to go along with a woman who is a higher fidelity risk.