Strangely, many men and women can’t believe that you can get similar emotional connections when there is a large age gap.

From what I’ve seen, people who don’t believe that this is possible have some need for their beliefs. I’ve never seen those beliefs altered.

I have a lot of experience with large age gaps. In the kung fu of relationship, what appears to be a handicap can be used as an advantage.

Here is a true story. Some years ago there was an Olympic finals in Judo. It was down to the last fight between two combatants, and the reigning title holder of world judo champion was severely injured in one leg. Most people would assume his weakness would leave him unable to compete at such a level. Instead he took down his opponent within the first 10 seconds of the battle.

With age, you use what is at hand as an Aikido move as well. You show your weaknesses to your opponent, letting them assume you are easy prey. This lures them in. Then as they are underestimating the enemy, seeing you as prey, the prey becomes predator. The beta becomes dominant. This is the classic beta bait and switch. Look at me, I’m just a friendly old unassuming man. I’m safe. Come closer. Then step by step you weave your web, until the illusion of safety is gone – you’ve woven a web entirely around the girl, and she is entangled and ensared in your house of love, and knows no way out.

I’m not sure why some men and women refuse to imagine life where strong romances are possible where there are large age gaps. I think it must be because their world view demands it. If x were possible, then y would not be the only possibility. I think some people are so invested in their y, that x CAN NOT be possible. Damn the facts.

I’m not sure why you’re arguing that I don’t want men to date women with 40 year old age gaps. No problem with it, but it’s just not realistic, and certainly not realistic as a continuous life strategy.

You claim to be able to say what is realistic, but when anyone describes a reality that doesn’t conform to your expectations, you simply discount it.

That’s called confirmation bias. You discount any information that doesn’t agree with your premise.

I once dated a 21 year old. The year before being with me she was with a 60 year old man. He had told her he was forty. After she found out the truth, she stayed with him. They lived together. She was 20 at the time. I lived with her for a year as well.

The girl who I made orgasm fifteen minutes ago was never with another man, and had never orgasmed in her life before meeting me – not even on her own finger. She turned 22 while living with me. I originally told her that I was 39, but when she found out my true age, she didn’t even blink. By then she’s already hooked and in love.

Oh – but your confirmation bias won’t allow you to believe that young women are succeptible to love with anyone but similar aged men.

That’s weak thinking on your part.

pretending as if there’s nothing discomfiting about a 60 year old dude sitting around in a room with a bunch of teenagers is some dark comedy.


I understand that some guys have an innate sense of strangeness – perhaps a form of disgust or dis-ease – when they see huge age differences. To them something feels off.

I get it that some men honestly have these feelings. They can’t shake them, and nothing anyone says will change that.

However many men don’t have this feeling, and we have successfully romanced younger women. It’s in many ways similar to romancing an older woman, except you play up your authority more, and she is younger, tighter, and hotter.

The guys who get ill feelings with large age gaps seem unable to fit into their mental maps all the data that comes in. They discount huge chunks of reality, just because that reality makes them feel bad.

Young girls are a viable romantic option.

There are endless real life examples of this, and some men have decades of example after example.

“or worse pretend that these are great learning experiences for a young 18 yr old kid are not being honest or fair”

I’ve been careful to cultivate my sexuality. I don’t pay for sex and I don’t sleep with people I don’t want to be intimate with. My habit is to feel strong love. This is a careful choice of mine. I’m confident that my sexuality is always a positive personal influence.

I’ve never had corrupting sex.

I just don’t view young girls as pure innocent babes that get corrupted by fucking like you seem to. Not even the virgins.