There exists a sexual strategy for males that is to be in alliance with the sexual strategies of females, and especially of matrons. This is the lifetime monogamy strategy, which seeks to enforce lifetime monogamy as a social regulation. Such people need to stick their nose into others peoples business just to regulate their own supply. They need to create and enforce a social contract. Because if not everyone has lifetime monogamy, women gravitate to the most attractive men, and a large swath of men get no pussy at all. So the lifetime monogamy men push for an evened out distribution of one lifetime partner per man.

That contract includes growing old with your mate. It includes keeping a tight reign on your lust towards strangers and new youthful fresh pussy as you grow older. It values pair bonds and family over new conquests.

Any youth injected into any old mans life is dangerous to the endevour, as other old men will get jealous and consider the advantages of such forbidden fruit.

Matrons weild huge political power to make it a thought crime to even consider youth and beauty. It’s all about family, children, and ongoing support for the aging wife.

I should add that men who take this strategy are often unaware that women have a dual mating strategy.

The reason women push for socialism is that they consider alpha seed to be superior. Regardless of how the nerdy engineers and underwear heroes view themselves as compared to “alpha thugs”, girls consider alpha seed superior. Women know that alphas make unreliable providers, and so require socialism to raise alpha kids securely.

At the SAME time, they will push men with an opposite agenda – to not fuck youth and beauty, and to commit to marriage.

The beta matron supporters never see the divorce coming. They get hit upside the head and all they can say is “huh?”.

Update: I just came across this similarly themed but more thourough and thought out post that with a parallel synchronicity of invention was posted on the same day: