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n/a, here is an xsplat original insight:

Human society is a system of castes. One caste has the sexual reproductive strategy that allows groups of men to band together to exercise controls on society such that they limit female hypergamy, prevent non-monogamy, and formalize a society wide high investment strategy. This caste of people has genetic predispositions to value respect for authority and purity. The valuation of these traits is emotional and felt as a moral issue.

Another caste leans more towards serial monogamy and polygamy and even casual sex. These are low investment strategies. This group ranks high on the socio-sexual score, and is preferentially chosen by women for casual sex and when cheating on their mate who belongs to the first group. This group does not have the genes that code for the 2 non universal moral traits of respect for authority and purity.

So arguing about the sexual strategies and the strong emotional underpinnings for them is futile. People are born into castes.

We are not all merely human. We are social insects with castes. We are humans with some sharp divisions in attitudes and strategies that are genetic and innate.