our point is or should be that a man must not telegraph to a relatively inexperienced woman that he wants her for this reason. I’m 86ing one woman who started a relationship last month with me bragging about being a virgin. I made the mistake of acting like this was a good thing and it was like her clothes were glued on after that. Big mistake on my part.

ASD. Anti slut defence. In order to seduce a woman, you need to get her to feel that you do not think that she is a slut.

If you already don’t think that she is a slut, it will be easier to get her to feel that she is not a slut.

While it may be beneficial to the man to select for monogamous women, there is a reason why not all men select in this way. Because WOMEN select for men who don’t select for monogamous women. Only roughly 40% of men have the purity gene. It is beneficial to these men, for the reason mentioned a billion and one times on this blog. The other 60% of men were not genetically overwhelmed over time by the purity gene men, because the advantage to the purity gene men is strictly a game theory stance – it is not and can not be conveyed universally to an entire population. Wherever there are a group of men who are pushing the culture towards lifetime monogamy, game theory insists that the opportunity will therefore arise for the rogue to carry genes that carry an evolutionary advantage. Women select for men who do not select for monogamy.

So there are competing games going on. There is an advantage in one direction, and a disadadvantage in another, to both games, to both strategies. Neither is “broken”. But in terms of SEDUCTION, not being concerned with purity carries a huge and obvious advantage in getting past the anti slut defence.

So in your example, playing up to her virginity cost you getting her panties off. In the game of seduction, caring about purity cost you opportunity.

Question: In your part of the world, do the virgins and upper middle class low counters even talk to foreigners? I heard a rumor that, in some countries like Thailand or the Philippines, the high IQ women from the “better classes” don’t want to be seen with foreigners? That would suck if true.

In Thailand the hi-sos tend to not see westerners as a status option, but this is not a monolithic stance. Many hi-so girls love to fuck around for fun – it’s all a game to them and western cock is superior. The lower status thai girls tend to view any westerner as an improvement over any local they could get.

In Indonesia (where I am), westerners are seen as higher status by all, and movie and pop stars often marry a westerner.

In the Philippines westerners are commonly seen as a meal ticket. Girls will eat you alive professionally there, but even the virgins will usually jump at a chance of being with a westerner, if his status relative to her family is greater – and being a westerner this will more often be the case – sometimes hugely so. As by now people here should know, being a meal ticket of higher status causes love in females. You need to add game in order to maintain the respect that this initial value provides you.