If you read this book http://home.cc.umanitoba.ca/~altemey/ and also read up on the genetic basis for morality, you’ll come to the conclusion that humans have genetic social castes.

The conservatives are the betas.

You may have noticed that a lot of game is mimicking “alpha” behaviors, which for the purposes of this blog means behaviors which appeal to the hypergamous impulses of women. A big chunk of the behaviors is mimicking the behaviors of the cad. The guy with more than one girl, who is beholden to no one, is a risk taker and a rule breaker.

There is a genetic basis to such a guy.

The opposite of the rogue cad is the person who innately respects social rules. The guy who views society as more important than himself – the guy who trusts societies rules more than he trusts his own. Bob Altmeyer’s authoritarians are the born beta class. The policemen, the soldiers, the petty bureaucrats, all those who uphold the social contract.

It’s a sexual hindrance in the modern age where marriage is a raw deal and the social contract has fallen apart, to be born with the genetic programming of relying on social structures to do your mate guarding. Nowadays the cad has the advantage, because his strategy that is built into his emotional preferences from day one is to pursue higher risk shorter term mating and pair bonding. He’s more likely to either be better at this, or to become better at it, because his innate preferences do not shun impure girls for bonding, and so he’ll get more practice at bonding with various available girls.

This is the age of the Cad. The authoritarians are now left mimicking the cad, in order to regain advantage.