“Not all women are attracted to the “bad boys.” :)”

That may be true, however you may be dismayed to learn that women are not capable of self assessing whether they are attracted to bad boys.

Women seem to have a profound knack for denial and compartmentalize their brains in the strictest of fashion. To men, you often come across as insane.

Women CAN’T know what actually turns them on. It’s an in the moment full body experience to get turned on, and describing the process to you does not conjure up that process. Your mental wiring circuits are so distinct that your hindbrain remains untouched by descriptive language.

You’d likely be surprised to learn that woman not only don’t know what turns them on, they don’t even know when they are being turned on. Your wiring circuits are so incredibly segmented that scientific studies show women incapable of knowing when they are being aroused by pictures, using pussy juice as the measurement.

Men always know.

It’s a sharp sex difference.

Women often confound men for your thick headed ability to deny reality.

It should be noted that women are also segmented and in full denial mode when it comes to seeing their own faults.

They simply can not do it. It’s baffling to men.