Good news: she sang along with “there’s something in the way, you look at me, it’s as if my heart knows, you’re the missing piece” in a full out romantic voice, every word from beginning to end. With blushing face and while looking at me. Little does she know other girls have chosen that as their theme song with me. Yes, there is something in the way that I look at her. It’s real. That’s what I do.

Good news: she invited me to visit her family in Jogja. Meaning she’s interested in marriage. I didn’t answer, I just raped her lips for a while.

All that romance led me to ravage her titties, which she interrupted with an urgent need to go home. Which quite pissed me off, and led to:

Bad news: I opened the door and invited her to leave my house and never come back until she would explain clearly why she insisted on following her restrictive dormitory rules, and why she wouldn’t let me get her an apartment. She of course broke down crying at the emotional stress. The breaking down was good, the drama was good. That she insists on this is bad.

More bad news: after explaining that she is beholden to her religious orphanage and the institute that funded her university training through scholarships, and must remain in her free dormitory under their strict guidance until her schooling is complete, I insisted that she was not a slave. Offered to make a big donation to her foundation to buy her if she was a slave, but nothing would budge her frame.

Mixed news: I told her I had no idea what to do with her. Date other people? Not? Does she want to continue falling in love? Because I don’t want to just see her for a few hours a week without fucking, waiting for nobody knows what. And then I’d be heartbroken when I had to move on. Told her I need a woman in my life. Told her I should be the boss over her and authority, that she should do what I say, above all others. She said she knows how I feel about her, and feels the same way, and wants to get closer. “So what if you were married this week, would you be free from that dorm yet?” “I can’t, I must finish my school first.” I just walked away in frustration. No way this cute virgin is going to play me, sucking six months out of my life for nothing but high hopes.

“Can you wait me?”
“What for?”
“Maybe just wait me two months”

Before she wanted me to wait about 5 months for her to even get her own apartment, so that at least her time would be free. This waiting has deeper connotations.

So either I’ll see this kid a few more times, or I’ll be married in 3 months. I’d say the odds are better than a coin toss in my favor. I don’t care how hot this chick is, no one plays me.

Update: Just received a text message “I love you”. Answered it with “Good”.