I was shit tested in an industrial lab today.

Hottie-Virgin “I think I might move to Jogja after I finish school”

Me: “oh”
30 minutes later, eating dinner at a roadside stall with h.v. and her housemate “I think think I might fly to Batam next week”
H.V.: “Why, do you want to go away?”
with a sigh “No, I don’t. I just need to get out of town for a while to clear my head. You drive me crazy!”
H.V.: five minutes later “I think I won’t move to Jogja. You would miss me too much”
me: “Yes, you realize that I’d date three girls if you were away.” (I just agreed with something she didn’t say, thus projecting an anxious thought onto her.)

As we settle the restaurant bill: “You pay.” As we exit: “Ahah, you paid! That means that you love me!”

Later that night she posted pictures of us in embrace on FB, hinted at falling in love, and told me that she misses me all the time.

This girl is a pro shit tester – I swear. Keeping hand with her is a struggle. Because truth be told, she does drive me nuts.

Anyone who wants to learn the gentle art of push pull should study under this chick.

Some lines I used to show interest and keep her rewarded for her infatuations:

When she posted pics:
me:makes me warm. good girl then. (reward)
me :you seem so happy with that man (re-enforcing her positive feelings and make them public)
me :except when you are far – then saddd (re-enforcing her infatuation)
H.V.: i have apic where u look cool. u in bedroom
me:with no shirt? (trying to associate me with sex)
me:you can print it and keep beside your bed then.
me:except maybe not – because your dorm mother will see you with a half naked man in your room
me: she will spank you (i said spank!)
me: actually, it should only be my job to spank you (anchoring sex and my authority over her)
H.V.: u always spank to me. i always happy if i with u
me: That’s good. strong magnet.
me:ha ha. good. slowly i steal you.
me:hold your necklace if you miss me
H.V.: yes i always miss u (!!!!!)
H.V.: dont forget for pray before sleepy
me: ok. i will pray you fall in love more every day . ha ha.
H.V.: hahaha..yes good (!!!!!)

And at the beginning of today’s date all indications were that she was shifting it platonic.

She said I had inner beauty in the pics with her. This is what I was trying to talk about what a friend of mine taught me, the way he gazed at women. It was like he lit up with 2 E tabs every time he looked into a pretty girls eyes. As if the two of them were already in love. My inner beauty is that my heart is very happy when with her, and together we both glow. People like to laugh and enjoy life – so that kind of warmth and love in the heart can be infectious.

Love at first sight can be a frame. You build on it, step by step, of course. But you project interest, control, amused mastery, fun. No aloofness – god no, not aloofness. You assume a sale – above is what what I’m selling. That every day she will fall more and more in love with me.

The trick is to project interest while at the same time not projecting neediness. To assume a sale, but not show any regret if she doesn’t purchase. It’s a hell of a trick, because if you allow yourself the genuine feelings that you need in order to have her fall into a swoon, you necessarily become somewhat vulnerable. And you have to hide that. She will test and test you for vulnerability.