Seriously, WT Living F would a guy want with one of the hot ones who didn’t ache for her man to tear off her clothes and grind her into the mattress while her screams wake up the neighbors?

I’ve never understood this obsession with virgins and sexually inhibited women.

Frankly, a little mileage never hurt anyone.

I’m developing a theory about this, Gorb. It’s known that certain moral characteristics are not inherent to 100 percent of humans. Most people have three, and roughly forty percent of people have 5 inherent moral traits. The extra two are purity and respect for authority.

Those with the extra two are betas. They are the followers – they respect the rule of law over the individual. They are likely to worship and follow and serve and obey, and they like things clean and pure and unsullied.

Guys like you and me were not born or built that way.

I may never be able to stop thinking that the purity guys are simply doing it wrong.

You know, I like to feel a groove in my being, a deep funk, an electric charge, and I like to mingle and share it. I mingle with sensitivity, control, and power. I’m a musician who controls tempo, volume, mood, amplitude, and I mix my muse and my music to get to exstatic places. I feel emotions in her body, and her body and mine become a kinesthetic union.

When I hear guys talk of pussy being fungible, or of infatuation being one-itis, I consider it an insult to human nature, an insult to love, and an insult to women. It offends me.

It occurs to me that some guys really aren’t into women that much. They have little kinesthetic awareness, nor appreciation for the places a woman can go. They want a kitchen bitch.

I think the guys who don’t easily ensare a woman’s heart, soul, and mind, guys who don’t much appreciate women for what they are and what you can make them, guys who lack confidence and fucking ability, those guys rely on social institutions and pressures and virginity to keep a mate. Deep down in their morality and sense of ickyness and goodness they crave virgins.

Guys like you and me are cads who love the little sluts. Because we can get away with it.

We were built to play women like an instrument and command them. Betas are built to serve the household. Betas require institutional support to remain mated.