I just had a miraculous first date with an internet girl who pursued ME. Incredibly vivacious and gorgeous 21 year old student. I doubt any one here would rate her as lower than an eight. I’m more than twice her age, and ugly. Most guys would not even believe it, let alone try to do the same.

Got to first base and had her jeans soaking wet. I’m in love. I want to marry her and give her a zillion babies.

My eyes are bloodshot, almost always. I’ve got a pale faced sunken cheek look, accented by dark bags under my eyes. My face has the symmetry of a flat fish. Half my mouth sneers open while the other is relaxed closed. My ears poke out enough to make disguising them with hair challenging. The lines from my beside nose to the corners of my lips can have their depth measured in millimeters. I have a red splotch on the tip of my nose. I barely have any eyebrow hairs left, and a few of them grow out gray to inches, if not trimmed. I have to shave the inside of my nose regularly. I haven’t had hair near my forehead in years. I have to tilt my head to make my eyes horizontal – but then the nose is tilted. My neck juts out at such an angle from my back that I have to raise my chin to look ahead. My dry skin has no elasticity, and the double upper eyelid sometimes droops over my lashes. My face wrinkles when placid. If I was remotely realistic, I’d never have even set this date up.

Really, I have no right to date at all. Let alone a girl who could easily be a professional model.

I really didn’t think I had much chance with this kid. I thought at first glance, she’d know nothing would ever go anywhere. As happens often with me.

Instead the simpatico slowly raised until she had me laughing often to tears, which she’d caress away from under my eyes. She called my room the happy place. While playing cell-phone karaoke she used my fingers as a microphone to sing a ballad into. What a bitch! From very modest escalations we worked up to holding hands and playing around biting each other and then of course the kiss and cop. I had to go way past her forceful boundaries just to cop some feels under her shirt. That was a definite no. Which, as a man, doing my duty, I ignored, for a bit, then backed way off and sat back to let her come in for more. Then while playing grab hands over her shirt she kept saying stop! no! while pushing my groping hands away. Pushing them from one nipple to the next. Once she was finally able to force herself out of the magnetic field of my couch, magnetism pulled us together for a long throbbing hug in which an ass grab revealed her jeans were soaking wet. Finally she was able to tear herself away from my room before her dorm doors were locked for the night.

I’ll have her, and once I do, she’ll be a sunk ship. I’ll own every single last piece of her. I’m good at that. It’s what I do. I’m going to own her, and keep her, for as long as I can make her happy. This girl is going to fall hard for me.

I’m seriously fugly. Whenever I’m with a girl I dig the contrast is striking. And yet this isn’t the first, second, third, or fifteenth time I’ve dated women many numbers above my attractiveness level. Some say game can get a guy girls two points above what he’s used to. Well, that may be true for game, but a deeply internalized charisma and charm can get you a girl 5 or even 7 points above your own attractiveness rating. Of course at first the girls will try to tear your soul to shreds, and succeed, but after a while a guy can really get a leg up on the mind of woman, and do fine. Even with girls ridiculously nowhere near his low status looks.

Be jealous, men. Be jealous.

Or go to Asia for language of love immersion schooling.

Date #2 Update Holy very large magically scented breasts; if you found my story hard to believe so far, this will stretch the credibility another yard. I just found out today that although she did date a westerner before, I was the first to suck her nipples. She’s a virgin and plans to be until married. And she does seem to be falling for me. And she still wants to date me. I’m pretty sure I’ll be invited to meet her family one of these days.