…blah blah blah… Daddy syndrome … blah bhah blah

There is no such thing as a Daddy Syndrome.

The only women who don’t have what you would call a Daddy Syndrome are women who have never been tamed and come to respect the authority of the man. Once you dominate your woman, she will treat you the same way a child treats her father.

It’s not a syndrome. It’s a universal sexual dynamic. The only reason this isn’t recognized is because most men die without knowing what it feels like to be treated as the dominant rightful authority of the household.

And the reason most men consider such doe eyed subservience as some sort of failing and a lack of mature autonomy on the part of the girl, is that most men have been indoctrinated to not seek power over their women first off, and secondly, most men haven’t the wherewithal to inspire feelings of paternal devotion from their mates. It’s a skill, a difficult skill, that takes training and practice. It’s an art form. An art form that needs to be taught.

So I’m trying to help with that.

Here’s a question though: what if, after all the banter and flirting has settled down a bit, she starts talking about her “problems”? The deeper issues in her life; for example, various family issues.

Given that she’s emotionally healthy, what’s the best way to deal with that? Blow her off? Change the topic? Tell her you’re not good at that kind of thing? Or actually listen?

Being a psychiatrist for a girl is tingle-destroying, for sure.

Most of women’s self initiated talk therapy is just girl talk. It’s a way of communicating that girls do. Most men – at least older men – hear it as “blah blah blah me me, and the she said, and so I said, and I can’t believe she said, blah blah, and don’t you agree, and you do, don’t you?”

I suppose it should be kind to consider deeper family issues in a different category. Something that talk therapy can help with.

Usually, not, no.

Talk isn’t that important. There isn’t really anything to discuss. Unless it’s for fun. Does she need to re-arrange her mental maps such that she can approach the world in a more effective way? Does she need to reprogram her thought processes to allow herself to be happier? If so, don’t count on being helpful – people are sadly inflexible, and if an adult needs therapy, they well be broken, rather than warped.

The trick is to choose a girlfriend who is usually cheerful. It may be impossible to avoid a woman with moods, but most can be so dominated that they stop throwing moods at you. If you are intolerant of moods and she wants to be with you, for the woman capable of restraint, you can conquer that last bastion of female style of household dominance.

If the girl is basically cheerful, and happy, forget about talk therapy. The therapy is laughing and smiling and joking around and enjoying yourself and loving and fucking hard and going out on the town and thrilling each other and being quiet and shutting the fuck up.

That’s therapy.

So as to what you actually do? Do whatever you are actually inclined to. If you are inclined to lose patience, then simply lose it. Just say you’re done talking for now.

There is far less need to be “sensitive” than most men know. If she doesn’t know that you love her already, that’s her problem. You don’t have to tip toe around each and everyone of her feelings to constantly prove it. If you would rather not spend an hour pouring over her emotional narratives, just get your point across in whatever way you selfishly want. In a humorous way, an oblique way, a blunt way, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you take charge and lead the direction of the discussion, and if she persists and insists on talking when you’ve finished talking, then be more forceful. Even to the point of saying “stop talking”, if need be.

In fact your woman should be very used to you saying “stop talking”, and you should have conditioned her to not take any offence at it. And to actually stop talking.

Oh, and as to useful therapy, I’ve found that my most influential mentors taught me the most non-verbally. It’s not what they said, it’s how they said it. Their style. Their panache. Mental training is learned not just be reading, contemplating, and meditating, it’s learned by mimicking.

If your woman admires you, and you are able to control the mood of your household, she’ll eventually take on that mood, and your household itself will be therapeutic.

You set the tone, you set the frame. You are the master of moods of aromas and music and you control the TV remote.

The verbal talk therapy is interspersed into that with anectodes, and very rarely do you ever talk about “her issues”, if at all.

A lot of women use the “we need to talk out some issues” theme as emotional blackmail to drain the man’s time and attention and to subtly get hand in the relationship. She is controlling his attention, rather than letting his attention be self directed.


DON’T be kind about this.

This is a shit test. This is only a test. This test is brought to you by the emergency shit testing system. Had this been a real test, she would be telling you she has her own ideas or has taken on another advisor. Her asking for input into how to babysit and micromanage her mind is a test of your “shut the fuck up” system.

Seriously, a lot of women deliberately want to wear you down emotionally, so that your step loses it’s spring. You are constantly thinking about relationship “issues”.

This makes you unattractive, and she knows it.

It’s a game of dominance she is playing over you.

Now you know how to regain your hand.

Pinch her lips. Escalate up to WHATEVER you have to do to shut her up, even if it is physically carrying her out the door and locking it on her. Leaving YOUR house is not the way. She leaves YOUR house.

So – my attractive, Scandinavian, blonde girlfriend who plays innocent, but with lurking slutty streak has fucked up.

I, because I am sneaky, hacked into email and FB as soon as I suspected something (I found disturbing photos of her on her digital from a concert where she and this dude have got the way wrong body-language). Now – confronting her head on, she cooly said I had nothing to worry about.

3 months later I hack into her FB, and she is chatting with an ex-fling – convo is mostly harmless flirting, but flirting none-the-less. I also discover photos of her ex in planner.

Btw – we fuck every day.

Besides the fact that I am going to now channel my anger into a massive rage-fuck of the first available female, do I dump this girl’s ass without explanation, or do I explain to her exactly how she fucked up?

Care to hear a tale of how I handled a similar situation?

I logged into her yahoo chat history log, and found out she was flirting heavily enough that she was being open to make plans to meet an out of town stranger.

When she came home I was furious, and gave her a very viscious and angry fuck, and slapped her face hard, several times. She was afraid and had never seen me this way. Usually I just play rape, but this time I was serious.

Explanation? None. I just told her to watch her step.

Whenever the subject came up and she asked me what that was all about, I just told her to watch her step, because if she ever took a mis-step I’d dump her ass and kick her out the door and never talk to her again.

It was several weeks until I told her why.

I could have confronted her and told her I had dirt on her, but why bother?

I FULLY expressed ALL my emotions. And she was afraid.

It changed things, and step by step she became more tamed, and more resigned.

This was six months into living together, by the way.

Yes, I mate with sluts, but I never, never trust them. And I can tame them. A wild horse can be the best horse.