I just wonder why such disdain for computer nerds/geeks. because they inherently beta? So what? game is made by betas for betas, and rumors seems it was invented be geeks as well (CalTech)

Max, the new theory of why women disdain betas has been seen here, for the first time. It is that woman create a class of betas, to serve their material needs. They create them through deliberately starving them of sex, and demanding commitment and resources in return for sex. At the same time they give sex freely to the top 10% of men.

I believe this is the first time it’s been put this way. Women don’t merely have a dual sexual strategy, but they deliberately create a class of men for the purpose of getting labor from them.

Of course by “deliberately”, I mean it’s an evo-psych instinct that they act out on. They naturally band together as a sisterhood and cockblock.

My theory and insight is merely a rewording of existing theories and insights. I offer no new facts, just look at it from a different angle. And what an aha moment it is!

We’ve all heard that women ration sex as a group in order to make their pussy a commodity, in order to garner the labor of men.

We’ve all heard that women have a dual mating strategy, mating long term with providers while cucolding some alpha kids.

We’ve all heard how women band together and cockblock out the betas.

Now, for the first time in human history – we can see it from the angle that women act out an evo-psych strategy of deliberatly creating class stratification, in order to garner the labor of men.

It’s women who create betas. The want betas. As a group they have an innate drive to sexually starve the betas. They want the betas to be sexually hungry. They don’t want to see the betas get their sexual fill. They gain power when betas are starving for vagina.

And it is for this reason that I say the greatest revenge upon hypergamy is to be old, ugly, and offer no money, and still make young women under the powerful spell of your voodoo.

Gaming the gamer, gaming the game, winning at life.

Women are running a racket. It’s a monopoly and a collusion. Any system has weaknesses that can be exploited. If it’s possible to hack Windows how much easier is a mere girl?

The fact that women love alphas becomes their weak point. Makes em easy peasy to exploit.