I guess the question might be do engineers need woman who have a college degree as well or do they go with woman who don’t have one?

Dating down, intellectually, takes some getting used to. I know from experience it can seem a huge letdown, in that you are not relating as a peer, to the one person you yearn most to be peers with.

I can understand why men want intellectual peers. But life is about tradeoffs and choices, not about getting what we want. Dating stupid hot young girls is a tradeoff worth exploring.

I’ve been “lucky” in that I’ve dated all types. Wise old women with incredible sex ability, stupid young super hotties, a very intelligent young super hotty, a 30 something ex college professor, a wide range of college students, and all the miscallaneous. Intelligence is good for conversation. That’s mostly it. What’s really important to me is what color is the mood in the house. What is the ambiance. What is the level of eroticism. How much fun do we have when we go out. For that, a smart girl is not required.

And smart girls bring their extra smart baggage, and want to talk talk talk about that. Smart is great, but it’s not all that great.