Like all other personality traits,
once Beta has been imprinted
it is permanent.Only modification of an existing (i.e. beta) condition is achievable.

I’m going to disagree with that Firepower. The shift from Beta to Alpha mindset is simple, and anyone can do it. It’s a simple matter of deciding to be selfish.

All the rest is just a matter of execution.

The reason I’m of the leopard can change his spots school, is that from personal experience neuroplasticity is very real. Within a few years new habits can heavily influence personality.

All schools of meditation are based on this concept. Anyone who’se meditated regularly will report ongoing mental and personality changes. Buddhism teaches the fake it till you make it school of empathy and compassion. Yes, it really does work. And from personal experience as a deeply involved Buddhist, I can tell you that a person can decide to change from other oriented to self oriented. I can’t extrapolate from a study of one regarding learning selfishness, but as the Buddhist schtick seems so successful in the reverse, I see no reason why the reverse reverse won’t also work. You can convert a socialist to free market thinking.

It’s about habits, and the deeply imprinting actions we take. Here is my proposed action for all want to be masters of their destiny with women to take. It’s rather simple, and should be done several times, preferably with different girls. When she won’t leave your apartment when you want them to (for whatever reason – maybe you have another date, or maybe she’s being weird), forcibly remove her. Carry her out the door.

Even if you are living full time with the girl.

That’s a rather severe thing to do. Doing it even once will change your self conception. Doing it several times and getting overal positive feedback will permanently alter you.

From that action grows a mindset, and it’s a feedback loop. Selfishness can be learned and earned.

Most men would be amazed – absolutely fucking god damned holy shit amazed at what crossing the ultimate shit test that a woman will pull will actually do.


It’s counter intuitive to the extreme – but only at first. After that your intuition learns to work very differently.