I think that the essential problem with defining the beta male is that it confuses beta-as-reproductive-strategy with beta-as-person-unattractive-to-women.

That’s a good point. I think we’ll be stuck with that confusion for a while, unless we invent a new term for a beta-provider who provides as he sees fit – even if it’s a token bag of skittles. Because it’s true that you are either a supplicant to girls (and this includes all “equal” relationships), or you are are the dominant head of the household or harem who can find new suitable mates relatively easily.

You are right that attractive leaders do often settle into monogamy, or at least into one prime mate, while getting some on the side as they see fit. And that the arrangement itself does not make for a supplicant.

So what new term can be coined? Non-supplicating provider? Not catchy enough. Head of household? NSPHH?


How about Doormat Provider for Selfish Bitch (DPSB). I know I’m getting divorced for not being one.

Getting divorced? Right about the time when my (now ex) wife wanted to have a 2nd wedding ceremony, I was wanting to have a divorce ceremony. A you don’t own me get off my back I’m not even serious about you give me some space and stop pestering me ceremony. An isn’t non-monogamy better than this crap ceremony.

We unceremoniously split up instead. Then I learned lesson number one about women. Hell hath no fury, because women have no center, no soul, no empathy. Succubus, thy name is womankind.

Show me the woman with introspection. Then show me her finger ratio. All feminine women are by definition incapable of introspection or real empathy. Their version of empathy is outward projection of their inward feelings, and they only feel what fits it with their feeling agenda.

Women completely enslave men, sometimes. Sociopathic bullies devour his entire life, with no hint of remorse, only an endlessly hungry appetite to feed.

Men, toughen up and lose your sense of moral obligation to women. They can and will enslave you.

Don’t fall for the baby trap. Don’t fall for the marriage trap. Get married and have kids only if it’s what you want, and then treat the wife as a subordinate, never completely trust her no matter how much you yearn for the comforts that can only be provided by romantic bonding and an ally for tough times, and for heavens sake keep your finances in a state that they can’t be robbed from you.

Women will steal years and years of labor from you. It’s in their genes. They all share the succubus gene.