What do we know about which activities foster testerone, and which lower it?

Marriage lowers it.
Having your football team win a match raises it.

Let’s extrapolate that co-operation lowers testosterone, and that competition raises it.

What else?
Weight training raises it.
Living a mostly intellectual lifestyle lowers it.

So from this it would follow that a society of cubicle drones would be a low T society.

Add to that estrogen mimikers from soy and plasticizers, and the anti-machismo effects of the war on all forms of male power, and you get the androgynized male. Androcentric society.


And this is why I don’t understand the prime lament of the The-Spearhead.com crowd. The lament that women aren’t giving the Beta’s their due until they are too worn out to be worth much. The lament that women today want the wrong things and are too wild for their own good.

I don’t understand the lament because it misses what a golden opportunity this age is. The very things that are our handicap – that women are now free to persue sexual thrills instead of a provider mate and family life – work in our favor.

Wherever there are multiple strategies to success, there are niche markets that are MORE powerful than the mainstream chosen path. This is a golden time for men.

The fact that society has become a low T wasteland of pussyfied betas, and a rootless field of pussy waiting to be picked by the top Alphas makes this the golden age of man.  Men who cultivate a high testosterone lifestyle.


Like I posted before — testosterone isn’t only a cause of alpha behaviors, it’s also an effect of alpha behaviors. There’s a feedback loop involved.

And as I’ve also posted many times, humans are very similar to zebra fish. Zebra fish also have a sexual dominance feedback loop, and grow several times in size and turn from female to male, depending on how successful they are in defending territory.

It’s a concept worth studying. Success build on itself, much as does an investment portfolio.