O said:

Chic’s very young and hasn’t had much sexual experience of any sort; for many such Women, the idea of being penetrated by a Man’s dick can be unsettling. It’s not unusual at all.

…So, in conclusion, tagging a Woman like Chic Noir is very easy-lick her up and down for about an hour, and she’ll be begging for you to impale her w/your spear. This has been my experience.

My ex-wife remained this way for years. She’d need a good 1/2 hour of foreplay to enjoy a puny little 1/2 hour of fucking, after which she’d come and lose interest.

What a raise of life satisfaction when my next girlfriend needed no foreplay at all, and would fuck for hours, and come many times until we were both too exhausted to move.

I hear you O, that kissing and pussy licking is important. Or rather, it is one important aspect of sex. I think again about wrestling tactics – if that’s your best move, you’ll do well.

But if fucking is your best move, then you’ll do well with that. And chemistry is also about not just playing to your mates needs, but finding a suitable mate. Not all women can even fuck for more than 30 minutes, not all can come a lot. Hell, not even all of them are into guys.

Sure, with a modestly arousable girl, throw a lot of careful foreplay at her, and you’ll raise her into fits of intense passion. But a very arousable girl can go from 0 to 60 in 30 seconds.

My current girl used to count the ceiling tiles and grab illicit views of her watch when fucking other guys, but now after some training on my dick starts in with her first orgasm in under a minute after penetration. It’s the chemistry of putting a fucker together with a fucker. I rarely lick her or give any foreplay at all.

It’s the girls that go from 0 to 60 in 30 seconds that interest me.

I don’t mind training a girl up. Awakening her sexuality. That’s my specialty.  In fact many girls have told me it was my calling, and that I could make a living at it. But in the end no matter how much you train an athlete, they can’t compete unless they’ve got the genes. And women’s sexuality varies widely and wildly.