I’m bored.  I understand women.  I know how to enhance my options to push my dick inside of them.  I know how to make that seem quite emotionaly relevant, without making one promise.

I know how to tell a muslim that her notion of virginity is paper.  I know how to pull the pants off a surprised girl on the first date.

Ok, so, I know how to find love, and how to get access to what women think is love.

Maybe eventually women will bore me.  They are so simple.  The simplest think they are special.  I’m not special.  No woman, none, ever surprised me.  Drama is not some big surprise.  Was the I Love Lucy show dramatic and surprising?  No – just the same old I Love Lucy boring drama shit, that no real man would care about for more than a few episodes.  Big fucking I Love Lucy Deal.  As if your pussy is gold plated, and all the other 50% of humans with a pussy have copper plated pussys.

50%.  Get it?

Women are starting to bore me.

Update: My life is recently rejuvenated, and women no longer bore me.  Some are special.