Saw a show.  Twins are similar.  Real similar.

Differences might be because we are not twins.  The reasons that my bald spot is not a chiral mirror image of yours, might have something to do with genes.  The reasons that distant twins have the same habits might be the same reasons we don’t.  Because we are of different tribes.

Tribes fight, in times of scare-city.  Let’s be prosperous then.

Here is my plan:

Solar radiation is both our problem and cure.  Plant glass on all deserts, and lazer beam up 20% of the energy collected.

Oceans collect heat, and the moon sways what it grips to be more emotionally powerful than a tribe of bloody women.  Harness that harmony of tidal whelm, and put 20% of it into the sky with lazers.

Batteries to use electricity for transport.  Boats limited to move slower and to use wind and wide solar collectors.  Yes, expensive.  Yes, cost for benefit.  Like, we all don’t die kind of benefit.  Like, don’t eat dinner tonight, so that you don’t die next week, kind of benefit.

That’s about  it.  Our ideas have a monumental basis in genes, evolution is based on war, war is based on cooperation, groups can get along and evolve together, in times of plenty, we are facing crisis.  It holds together.

Oh, another way to stave off a starvation induced war for a while: Women; base your sexual self esteem upon how much sex you are getting.  Not how much you could be getting.  Settle based on that.  Settle for a husband, settle for whoreish ways, whatever.  Don’t leave the bulk of menfolk wanting.  You could live to regret agitated men folk.  All that we do is in search of your one square centimeter.  Bigger or smaller, better or better yet, but that basic place of our Holy rest.