Moderation can be difficult for a long term drinker.  As few want to die of their own addiction, many long term heavy drinkers just give up and quit.

But some of us are shy, and have a difficult time enjoying being social without the drug.   Much of who we are can barely express itself without our long time companion.  So we try to not let alcoholism follow the path it so often takes.  The path to doom.

My attempts at moderation innevitably lead down a slippery slope, and so then I have to really put on the brakes.   A few times a year it becomes the dry season for a month or two.  My mind will clear up, and I’ll get a lot more work done.

And after a month or two my tolerance will have gone down, and I can feel the drug at a blood rate level that is not so dangerous.  I’ll stand a better chance of keeping my celebrations bound within the times and amounts allowed by moderation.

I’ve known a few alcoholics.  My family has a number of heavy drinkers.  Good people.  It’s difficult to understand that addiction, unless you’ve been at that stage of it.  I’ve evaluated a few other substitute addictions, but despite the physical dangers of booze, that’s the one I trust most.  Exstacy leads to problems with depression, and Valium makes you stupid and heavily addicted.  Another positive with booze is that the morning after a good drunk I’m unstoppably horny.  It’s a risky addiction to try to moderate.  Well, after the monsoon, it’s now the dry season.