If it weren’t for the morning blow jobs, the food and liquids on demand, and the slavish attention to the fine details of servitude, this would have been one more final last straw that would be final.

I mean, just how much is unbearable? It’s the little useless lies that irk me the most. The 50% chance of truth value, coupled with the 50% chance of interest value, coupled with the 50% chance of mumble value, coupled with the 50% chance of random stupidity, and I just prefer the silence, or the sound of my own priceless voice. But it’s the lies that make my shoulders and all the nerves in them tense. I refuse to get over that cultural difference.

My culture is superior, because us westerners have souls. When we say something, it is meant to come out of our mouths with some reference to what is at the same time in our hearts, and some coherence to our wider world views, and some thoughtful correspondence to a hard won yet somehow satisfying education. When we say something, there is a WE that says it. Our breath has a different odor than our farts.

So westerners are Superior in this way. We are responsible for the systems of government that have enabled Singapore and Malaysia to handle bureaucracy with an even handed beneficence – the tax collectors create wealth there, through western systems of thought. Responsibility is a western concept. Where else but in the west are diamonds traded with handshakes? Ok, they do things like that in the middle east as well, but mostly in the classes that trade on their reputation. In the west, most people trade on reputation. We have a smaller percentage of underclass outside of acceptable social discourse. We have a smaller percentage of leeches. There is less incest. We lie less. Comparatively, we rarely lie, and rarely expect lies.

Westerners are in some ways culturally superior. And we should be proud of what we should be proud of. Our inner circle is deserving, and we accept only those that are deserving of it, by damn fine reason. It’s inhuman to not be able to be honest, nor to find meaning in it. Children even are better than that. Every culture has puberty rituals – western ones include the ability to be forthright. Damn good on us then. Damn good on us.