Women are about the final calculation.

And they still feel rescued.

That’s why I’m a happier bastard nowadays, than when I was an empathetic massage and oral sex giving dweeb.

My recently ex-girlfriend was getting slightly dry during sex today, and asked to be dominated. Smack smack and then yes smack. Vaginal walls opening, juice.

The final calculation is which man has more status in the community. Measured by money, or otherwise. If you are into magic tricks and fooling the human cognitive system, you can game it. You can get the pussy juice with no funds.

Dr. Joyce Brothers said that women like it when men are rich because they are then more confident. What stinky load of feminist apologetics. Women get off on high status men, and men feel confident when women are getting off on them.

Did nerds used to get confident about computer programming skills before the dot com boom?

Back to magic tricks. Men get boners when they see certain shapes. Women get boners when the see certain actions. As Dr. Brother said, it’s about confidence. You can play a confidence trick.

Men and women have buttons to push. Propoganda works on us, because we have social expectations and social responsibilities, and we are easy to exploit.

I don’t understand TV shows like Everybody Loves Raimond. So many movies lately have the ballbuster female making the man the comedic foil. Does that make his dick hard, or her pussy wet? It’s an amputated war criminal living in a borrowed trailer that hangs around for harpie feminine cast-offs. Any staus male will tell Ms. Raymond nice to meet you too, I have some business in Antarctica to attend to. Sorry, no forwarding phone number.

I’ve pushed things past the edge with my live in, and she properly lost all of her shit. When that didn’t perturb me, she searched around the neighborhood for all the shit ammunition she could gather. Lacking in effective shit or other dating options, she is finding her inner vacuum, and becoming all she can be. Oy boy, does she miss me. Impressive. Like by a good retard hug, I’m deeply moved.

Women battle between the sexes with unconscious ammunition. Men are more stupid, but more conscious. Men believe in Love, and women believe in Love. Very different words.

Women are colder, more calculating, and they enlist social forces men never guess at. Jealousy is about gossip is about making the community of tribal women force away a man who is not faithful to the pregnancy proposition.

Nowadays there is no pregnancy proposition, and communities are fragmented. Jealousy has no traction. Men don’t care. Why do I care that you are jealous? I don’t. What, I’m afraid of hurting your sensibilities? I’ve been through it more times than you have years. I’m getting more socially conservative as I age, which is normal. Take the pain; my empathy is reserved for those that want to learn from it. I eat beef, so don’t be beef.

I have to stop here, as both eyes and brain are getting sloppy happy in an alcohol vacation of indifference. Can’t focus clearly. I worked for 23 hours on my business, so time to do this alternation.

Update: Woman are about the final calculation: a man’s worth, yet they still feel rescued when a worthy man pays exclusive attention. All the while non worthy men have their attentions ignored. Cinderella never dated the blacksmith’s son, but was rescued by the Prince. This is why I no longer act like the blacksmiths son. I no longer act like a supplicant. I game the system by behaving alpha.