The human condition is chock full of wiring problems.

Jealousy can make you lose your loved one.

My live in lover of two years is stalking me tonight. I guess my penis and attentions are her property. ?


I had to run to a new internet cafe.

Honesty doesn’t work for women. Tell them straight up from day one that you are not monogamous and will put your holy place into other holy places, and she will look deep down into her well of hopefull ignorance, and say, sure, of course you will, darling. Just let me love you now.

As soon as she fears the end of special attention, she will demand either severe severance pay, or severe repurcussions.

Women are hard wired to demand severance pay.

You don’t pay a woman for sex, you pay her to leave.

I don’t pay taxes, and I damn sure don’t pay alimony.