Simians are emotional about in-group and out-group intrigues. We fight for top status, and fight other groups for resources. As long as we remain encultured by nature, born into our urges, our social endeavors will fit into historical patterns. Humans would need to change their biology to radically change human culture.

That is why I suggest that out groups are not so important. The Soviet Union was not quite so important during the cold war. Jews were not quite so important to 1930s Germany. Skinheads get overwrought and misdirect their angst. Forum trolls are not worth many minutes of attention.

When we do figure out who is wrong, and then when we do learn that the wrong choose to be wrong and do not want to be confronted because it causes them emotional angst, then that is that. Idiots will be. Our duty and responsibility, our care and our hate have not enough traction. It isn’t about us. The out groups are not that important to us, and we have not much to do about them.

I have no apologies for speaking plainly about the dumb. The dumb are dumb. But neither is it my profession to be more than dumb. I’m not better because I’m not dumb. I’m better because I am more of what I am, more authentically, more presently, more enjoyably.

My life is not defined in comparison to the dumb. It’s defined in comparison to how happy I can be and how I can affect others.