I have no long term memory, so it’s always a fresh and surprising pleasure to re-read my blog. In todays re-read I noticed that my style is shifting. I’ve given in lazily to not being cohesive in thought. To letting train of thought associations lie loose on the page. To not wrap things up cogently.

I suppose it’s a lazy disservice to the reader to not congeal from chaos coherence for them to enjoy. Isn’t that the writers duty?

Or is chaos in itself something that can be included and pointed to and celebrated?

Train of loose thoughts. Tangles and bundles. Concerts and organizations and life in the city, touching and engaged, but not one thing. A writer tries to capture, to distill, to make the patterns our shared social fun. But in the end, things hang loosely.

(I was inspired by todays re-read to write, and so drank my usual liquid inspiration. It’s fun to see my writing style change, depending on alcohol – the more inspired and far out thoughts are less comprehensible, the more cogent and sober thoughts are more dull)

I think it’s that lately I’m not writing to an identifiable audience that I’m tending to be vague and loose. I’m writing to myself, and that is not conducive to explanation.