The tennis ball is spinning at your ready racket, and you are in your body and being as YOU jump and swing.

Being embodied is no more philosophical than a toothache.

When you were a teen, having sex those first few times, was your mind racing? For me it was, and it took me years of sitting still on pillows and living in meditation centers or forests to move my subjective concerns out of thoughts and into senses.

I like a good caffeine buzz and a ready challenge, yet when I finally settle down and let the sound of the fan hold steady my attention, let the feelings of my body bubble up above awareness into consciousness, and let it all cohere as a chosen lived moment, then it’s a Flow moment. Then, it seems, I’m not merely playing a game, earning credits and winning prizes and competing, then, it seems, I’m alive.

Rights and responsibilities. If you have a right not to be tortured, what is your responsibility?