I find that choosing weak enemies as a nemesis makes a person weak.

It’s good to sharpen your knife on any dull rock, but it won’t make you a swordsman.

All of us have looked back on that time in our life when we were shamefully stubborn and wrong. Most people are, right now, shamefully stubborn and wrong. Pointing that out is easy. Being a critic does not make you an artist. Distilling out real talking points in the fashion of John Stewarts crew in a way that enervates people becomes more than being pissy. Being pissy isn’t spectacular, or difficult, and what does it rise you up to, anyway? Above a frey that you disdain. Relatively then, it’s no real elevation.

There is more unknown beauty in encountering enemies that can raise you up. Argue with people you can learn from.

There can be an art to anger. If comedians are angrier than most, they are scientifically angry. They found a way to make anger seduce other people. Fundamentalists are too dumb to be seduced by logic, so if you are so stubborn to avoid embracing propoganda as part of your media message, then you have to face that your audience is the converted.

You can’t learn anything from people dumber than you or who agree with you. Unless you are a politician satisfied with appearance and power, look for worthy adversaries.