motion sick shattered no wholeShaky camera and quick edits and tension inducing music.

What despicable crutches, you will use, for your paycheck.

Don’t you realize that TV watchage is proportional to depression?  You shake your camera around, to shake our simian brains into noticing movement in the environment, and we are constantly on ape-edge.  No one wants to be on edge for long.

An episode of car chases and suspense music isn’t emotionally fullfilling.  You are doing harm to society.  Stop it.

And how has this bled into science programs?  Must I watch nature channel shows about buffaloes to escape the shaky cam?  Why do I need suspense music behind my environmental education?  Can’t you please just leave my emotions to my own manipulation, thank you very much?  Shut the fuck up with your music, and stand still with your camera.  You fucking salesman and propogandist you, since you know what drives my impulses, stop trying to subvert them for your own economic gain, and let me enjoy whatever it is that might be useful in what you have to offer.

But that is too difficult for you, to come up with original and inspiring art and ideas and conversation. The only way you can keep my attention is by playing on my motion sensing circuits? And by keeping me nervous with mood music? Worse than weak, punk, that’s exploitive.

How many years must we wait for the quick edits and shaky cam fad to fade?