The Jews in Germany sniffed the wind.  East Germans also could foretell.  My Mom’s parents carried her across the border, bullet’s a wizzin, if our family mythology is to be believed.

Young people believe they are born into a fresh age.  Old people are called cynical.  Historians have a difficult time explaining exactly how ages of warfare differ.

I do see ages differing.  Humanity is changing.  But we don’t escape our simian-humanity.

I see a few problems that are new to history.  Never mind the atomic bomb – that can’t torture you and your family.  There are other problems about the state surpassing Orwell’s nightmares.  Bureaucrats want to rape your bum.  There are new ways to make you talk, and to be quiet.  Technologies of the state are new.

Internationally, if the US weakens, they will lose control of foreign oil.  That will kill their economy.

Domestically, they are persuing fascism.  China shows us fascism has advantages.  The USSR, and North Korea in its early years, showed that fascism can recover economies faster than can capitalism.  The problem is that the military industrial complex has little choice, in its economic self sustaining interest, but to walk down fascism’s path of self destruction of inherent corruption.  The Industrialists will get laid by the beauties of our age right up to their end, and what a way to go.  Fascism is economic suicide because the tax base of a centrally controlled economy gets too depressed to pay up, while the capiltalists spend their time learning how to subvert the system.

Malaysia, Taiwan, and Singapore are obvious examples of dictatorships, or at least non-democratic governments that not only succeed but excel. The people of Singapore credit their success to the inheritance of a British system of bureuacracy.  The Malasians?  I wonder how much they owe to the British.  And Taiwan?  Bureacracy is what governments do, so a lesson may have been taught.

It is not true that democracy and fascism and socialism and dictatorships are distinct.  Nor that they have unique super power abilities.  Fascism is great at building a war economy.  Democracy, if tempered with hidden central planning, is sustainable and resistant to serious regime change.  Dictatorships are great at managing ethnic tensions and wide regions.

Update I’ve waited a few days for this post to settle, so I could see what congealed out of it. It’s still complicated in there.

Fascism is a valuable aspect of governance, that can be extreme and extremely problematic – jackboots. A lack of a strong government can be equally extreme and problematic – mafia.

Democracy can be extreme – populist xenophobia and concentration camps and drug wars and religious righteousness and environmental degradation of our commons – the tyrany of the masses. Lack of democracy is equally extreme.

Dictatorship can be a useful maternal and paternal power and influence, raising a country up by all standards. Or at worst, to Siberia with you.

Right now, the US has veered extremely. Many feel the only course correction possible will come after the crash. After the crash and burn. For me, I see only a Peoples Republic of U.S., and the Republic of U.S., like PROC mainland, and ROC Taiwan.

San Francisco and Seatle and Boulder and Anne Arbor are cool, but I think Vermont and Maine might hold a more comfortable future.