There are no romantic movies or songs about being married that don’t involve outside temptations. Being married is dull.

For men, being married causes severe biological changes. Our testosterone levels drop off dramatically. Men need testosterone to maintain their aggression levels, their interest in raising their status through work and for hunting random pussy (ultimately the same persuit).

Marriage ceremonies are about how much money was obviously spent on the woman. Men don’t give their mornings poop in offering for the status they gain upon their marriage ceremony. Women crave that moment. They are worth such a sizable diamond, and are earned a man capable to give it. It must be a conspicuous display.

But women then quickly forget about what the man got so involved in, to pay so much. He wasn’t thinking about painting walls and building baby cribs and visiting your relatives on Sundays. He was looking at how the hem of your skirt was showing a daring amount of bulbous ass.

Men and women are never married. Women are married. Married men are just bachelors with lowered testosterone. We don’t have a mid-life crisis – we were all born horny and will always remain horny and after the infatuation stage wears off, you can expect us to remain interested in chasing skirt. We can’t be socialized.

Well, that’s an overgeneralization. Some men are family men. I doubt they are a majority, and I tend to think kept men are a bit like pet wolves.