It takes alcohol to step over the line and be way too blunt.

I’ve learned that it’s socially acceptable to do this, if people perceive you are too drunk to be a real threat.

Some respected scientists and scholars and social critics and artists and laborers and husbands and wives and children have made comments about differences between the sexes.

The time of no-difference has long passed. Women have a harder time knowing what constitutes rational thought, and what constitutes rationalization of opinion. They can do it, but are at some measurable disadvantage to do that. Plus, women tend to be average in capacity, while men tend to either excel or fail dramatically. More rarely do women excel or fail much. Average women are pretty well equal to average men, but it is not average men that rule our industrial and post-industrial economies. Women sure don’t!

Even smart men and women can be clueless as to what makes coherent big picture thought. People tend to be magnets for whatever will gather towards their Self-Sustaining-Needs. Thoughts are needs, when the Self needs confirmation. Non-Buddhists (those who don’t religiously (as a chosen and carefully fed obsession) seek refinement of awareness beyond borders or needs for self affirmation) simply are incapable of any thought that is not self indulgent. The brain works to be stupid, and it takes extra-ordinary means to live inside it and not be stupid.