I made these hard to construe comments in a recent post:

Those that cry all night want to cry all night.  It’s my mistake to not just move on and get on with it and laugh at them for wanting to cry.

which were taken by another blogger to mean:

(He) is an MRA type who thinks there are biological laws that permit him to ridicule women as unworthy if they don’t conform to the young-hot ideal he obsesses over.

Perhaps she assumed I want to laugh at women who cry all night for being ugly(?), but what I was really trying to make fun of (ridicule is a bit strong) is the Emo lifestyle, the Goth lifestyle, and the lifestyle of chronically political.  The lifestyle of those that might cry all night over some emotional difficulty, and then blog about it, and then go on to complain about various injustices, rinse and repeat.

I used to be the effeminate emotional youth.  I’ve spent hours at poetry readings, and bawled away my share of nights.  I also know first hand what the lifestyle of becoming politically aware does to a person’s rage level.  Strange how my attitude should change to what it is today: a grow some armor and get over yourself attitude.

A sustainable hedonistic lifestyle demands tactical use of several sets of removable armor.  And a skill set of focusing on what brings shareable fulfillment.

So lately I have a new armor and joy skill set – schadenfreude.  Laughing at the suffering of others.  I can laugh at the Emos now.  Hey, I still know what it’s like to feel suffering, and I’ll feel it again.  Doesn’t mean I have an empathetic duty to feel every Emos overblown self indulgent pity fest as my own personal fester.