Some article mentioned something important. That multiple personality disorder is not a pathology, but a spectrum. Meaning along one end is us, and along the other end of that rainbow are people who have one disease and dialect and set of memories in one personality, and a different life in another. I’ve often used the metaphor of an orange. Some people are segmented. I encourage and admonish and stand by and put forth words attributed to some smart guy: Unify your mind.

Make your dreams available to your wakeful morning, available to your anger, available to when you are drunk, available to when you cheat, available to when you are good. Mix it up.

The mind works such that mind states are only available to similar mind states.

You don’t have to have morals or a religion of karmic retribution or metaphysical beliefs to have pragmatic habits of mind. Being an orange does have benefits, as much as a crutch or religion or any defense mechanism is pragmatic. Being an orange allows for the flexibility of context specific beliefs.

But it doesn’t allow for integration.

Don’t be an orange.