I use this blog as my scratchpad. It helps me that the scratchpad is public, as I’m motivated to correct my embarrassments. The difficulty with this is that I’ve added RSS as an option to view the site, and RSS feeds only scrape once, and don’t update. The first draft is all you get by RSS. And my first drafts are 60% of the time undecipherable blotto rants.

I’ve considered starting a 2nd scratchpad blog, and only transferring cogent public worthy thoughts to the real blog, but, then, it’s your own fault if you use RSS. Just know that in a week or two, the original post should either be deleted or updated. If I put a picture on it, I think it’s something I’d like the community to get a kick out of. And a lot of stuff on my scratchpad is crap.


Here is a bit of crap.

I’m having a snappy retort two days late moment.

The differences between a troll, a PC bonetard, and some guy who enjoys making fun of retards while educating them, is about the combinations of awareness of ones OWN motives, schedenfreud, empathy, and understanding social dynamics. The PC bonetard has empathy, but is Utopian about social dynamics. The troll is only about schadendfreude. A monster who combines a little wordly irony and schadenfreude and empathy mixed together may need a shave and be capable of wandering under bridges, but it’s not a smelly little troll. You, Sir, are a bridge toll attendant. An NGO bureaucrat.

It is weak punk talk to label people who disagree with you and make you uncomfortable and don’t conform to your Mighty Righteousness as trolls. Try engaging the issues, with the rest of the adults.