Working Class: food service, grocery store workers

Lower-Middle Class: truck Drivers, manual laborers, plumbers (even though some of them make a decent amount of money)

Middle Class: teachers, police, cubicle workers

Upper-Middle Class: doctors, architects and sometimes attorneys and dentists

Celebrities: Celebrities

Upper Class: Business Execs, prominent politicians

Sucks to constantly label people, but do what’s natural, I suppose.

Ah, a philosopher after my own heart. Start with reality, and take it from there.

Its when people try to be Utopian when you know people are being merely academic.

You can’t win a game of chess unless you study the rules, and if you don’t like the rules, then play badminton. If class bothers you, then play a different game. But it’s no sin to notice precisely how class functions.

I consider myself a bohemian, but am fascinated by the many social climbing avenues.

I am proud of my working class origins also, but I object when people assume it has something to do with my intellectual capacity and the financial status of my current situation.

My middly class Dad once made a dig about my job mates being working class. It made me confused for a few seconds, then I thought it was his unfamilarity showing, more than his insight into class differences.