photomain071.jpgTo Mr. Low Testosterone Advice Giving Liberal Retired Don’t Argue It’s All Good If You Relax man:

It’s better to be fucked up, than to be boring. As far as other people are concerned. Amy Winehouse got a standing ovation at the recent Grammys. Being old and accepting and having seen many things does not make you interesting, and if you are not interesting, I don’t care.

If you want to be retired from life’s bullshit, good on you. But don’t get all communist about it and explain to us that we should all be retired. Being dead is not being wise. And do we really need another volunteer Librarian keeping things peaceful?

Other than not having stress, what is your value? Not your deconstruction, but your value? A lack of stress doesn’t count as a value – that’s just what you don’t want. Death would be enough if all you can offer is what you don’t want.

A candy coated male ass gets me irritated. I can imagine a guy waking up in the morning, and painting his bum with warm red syrup, so that wherever he goes, people can see what a candy ass he is. “Everyone is similar, (don’t touch my wallet) and I love you all equally.”

You are an asshole, but I love you. Avoiding noticing that you are an asshole is a cognitive dissonance filter, a coping mechanism. The greater happiness comes from seeing you clearly and loving you anyway.

I also like love, and good feelings, and sex. Unfortunately the summer of love has a historical basis – it isn’t shangri-la.stewart.jpeg There doesn’t seem to be a Shangri-la. And the campfire candy ass beard-cardigan combo hasn’t impressed for a while. Being nicey nice is so passe.

Edgy assholiness is the new commu-tard-hippy-speak. Schadenfreude is the new zeitgeist.  The advantage to you to learn this is that the new paradigm includes being a bad boy along with understanding others, and this thought update will help you get the freshly updated versions of pussy.