ugly-women-3.jpgI’m not rated as a 5. I’m not a 4. I’m a 3.

Being a 3 has no relation to my self esteem. My self esteem is exagerated. I work what I’ve got. I’ve got the whole fugly Daddy thing going on. And I like a challenge. Would I prefer to work in the pussy deflowering factory? Would I like younguns to read the latest writeup in Teen Magazine explaining how they can focus their lust on my quirky ways of smiling? Probably. But challenges have drama and suspense going for them. Storyline. Suspense.

Ok, I admit, boredom is not suspense.

Some say that being satisfied with little is the essense to the art of satisfaction. People in jail don’t say it, but some say it. Others say moderation, in moderation, is how to maximize our pleasure. Pleasure seeking takes a bagillion forms, each of which takes pleasure in insulting the other. Those who know Truth insult the agnostic. The decadent insult the uptight.

I’m not a 5, but I work my assets. I’ve got my niches going on.

Exactly what is it in your life that you are working? Your compensatory talent?

(Deficits compensated for optional)