I’ve never been motivated to learn the art of conversation with men. All the men I’ve known smell wrong and lack pussy.

I’m told we can’t notice what we are inept at, because we are too inept to notice. I’m also told that I’m a social retard.

I’m trying to make up for that deficit with whatever talents can step up to the challenge. I’m trying to learn to curb my enthusiasm for being a know it all asshole, and to learn the social niceties and graces of giving complements and trading social favors.

I don’t care about men. Women, I can talk to. They motivate me.

Men? Aside from needing a wingman on a Friday, or a group with social contacts who can give me social contacts, I quickly forget what we were talking about.

On the other hand, there is no substitute for a real pal.  Girls don’t count.