There are some who study the behaviour of sociopaths and conclude that they are not crazy. Or, that their brand of crazy is crazy like a fox. That they are like a different species walking among us. Regardless of if you think their different behaviour is socially caused or not, it is agreed that their attitudes are 100% incurable. Nothing you can say to Kski will make him feel that he is missing anything by being unable to feel part of a tribe. And he has magic powers brought on by his indifference that we will never have. Sociopaths can do things we’d not do.

It isn’t a war of words or ideas, or of whose bible contains the biggest god. Sociopaths do not and can not see the world in the same way we do. It’s futile to act as if they could.

And it’s a failure of imagination to see how our human feelings of solidarity limit us, in ways that don’t limit the sociopath.

You’ve got live with and date someone who sees no need to have a self and every advantage in having multiples selves to learn – there is no educating this kind of crazy.