catgun.gifBK said:

“Labels” can be destructive and harmful … for the most part all negative labels, justified or not, cause harm/destruction..

So, I shouldn’t label you as an HIV infected cum bubble?

Christ on a Tricycle, I mean, now I’m supposed to be careful about peoples precious feelings? Well, as far as I’m concerned, you can go suck rat dick in Hell.

Don’t have hurtful labels? Don’t be hurtful? Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ, shut your cock-holster if you can’t manage a clue.

It’s obvious that the best part of your brain ran down your mommas ass crack and ended up as a brown stain on the mattress.

Whoa, whoa, settle down Sugartits. Let’s look at this rationally.  I’d rather masturbate with sand paper than live in a world where I have to be nicey nice.

Seriously. Shut your jizz receptacle, you gonosyphilitic crackwhore.

Your play-nice idea is as helpful as a handjob on a honeymoon. Rather than posting here, why don’t you go outside and play hide and go fkk yourself?

If this seems disrespectful, your assholiness, you can go suck off a giraffe. Truthfully, you should be banished to a romanian orphanage, never to be spoken of in the light of day again.

Your comments are about as useful as a jar full of foreskins, douche-nozzle. I mean, Mary mother of Christ with a yeast infection! Your daddy should have rolled over and shot you on the wall.

For the love of maritime buggery.

The stupid shit you say.