untitled.jpgOh please. You’re 21, never had an orgasm, don’t drink, and are giving me addiction advice. You’re like a pre-born explaining how to hold your breath.

Amy Winehouse won her Grammy not despite her addiction. She is the whole package. And even if her talent was independent of her faults, she was honored because she is not boring. No matter how cute you are, little not-woman, you are not sexy. You don’t even know what is sexy. Sex is sexy.

You irritate me, because you strike cute poses for pictures, and post them on websites, and then never fuck anyone. You feel proud that you eyes hypnotise men, but you don’t put out. As if you know better than other people. You are just irritating us, wasting our attention.

If you at least had any other skill that was not cardboard, any thing to say, for instance. Or get me a beer. Or make us a pizza. Anything.

The cute virgin schtick only works for other mental 12 year olds.

Don’t fish with an empty hook.