Quicksilver is not judged today by how high it rises in the barometer. It rises according to the causes and conditions.

And class has causes and conditions. Mostly, the causes and conditions are about the gathering and perpetuation of self sustaining power structures. Well, ultimately, I guess all evolution is defined that way.

But the nuances deny us opportunity to take emotional sides. Advantages are inescapable. No matter if we are all twins born on the same day, we will find niches and advantages. We will organise into groups, and groups will find advantages.

If we exist, if we wake up in the morning to anything other than abstraction, if we are limited to continuing by yesterdays facts of orbits and rules, then we ought to expect continuation of the fact of advantages.

For human rights, for love, for family, for country, for dogs and mice, let us each find our own level, and not be put down by overbearing power structures that deny us our movement towards a share of the pie and happiness. No waterboarding, no taxation without representation, the right to the persuit of happiness.

But we are deluded to think that these rights have anything to do with equality. Equality is impossible.